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  • 5 Metabolism Kickstarters to Get You Ready for Crop Tops

    Posted: Apr 24 2014

    When thinking of crop tops you may think of a certain type of people. In fact you may think of those perfect, wonderful people that seem to eat whenever and whatever they want with no consequences. No matter who they are, the common denominator is a speedy metabolism. After a bit of winter hibernation and June running towards us the relentless urge to wear all the gorgeous crop tops out comes to be intimidating. Although your metabolic on average drops 5% a year here we have natural easy tips that will help kick your metabolism into overdrive and get you confidently showing that midriff.

    Obviously it's unhealthy to starve yourself but even skipping out every once while when you're really in need of some grub can put your body into crisis mode. Translation: your body gets worried and starts storing fat. So pack like a...

  • 9 Ways To Standout At Any Party

    Posted: Apr 09 2014

    Photography Credit: Brook Nipar

    In 21 years I've been to my fair share of parties. Soirée, get together, collective hang, shindig, kegger, launch, birthday, anniversary, reunion, fancy dress. Any occasion is a good occasion for a party. So yes dear wallflowers you can attend and stay at the sidelines but that's not really the style of a First Street Fashion girl now is it? No, you don't have to jump up and dance on any tables (unless you want to) but there isn't anything wrong with knowing a few key ways to be the girl who is the must have attendee for any event.

    Dress the Part

    Oh are we talking about fashion? Again? Well yes, yes we are. It's important and we love it. In all seriousness the people that people love are those who get into it. Whether it's a theme party and even as simple...

  • 6 Beauty Truths To Live By

    Posted: Apr 07 2014

    6 Beauty Truths to Live By

    The devil is in the details. If you want personal results and style you get personal. Some truths however cross all ranges. No matter your skin or hair tone, type or texture there are some things that just work for everybody.

    Take off Makeup Before Bed

    Whether its BB cream or full on foundation at 10 pm or 3 am taking the one extra step to remove that little or a lot is the simplest way to your beauty wishes. Leftover makeup can cause wrinkles, staining from dark makeup, puffy eyes, clogged pores and acne. This is a long list that can be eliminated by a 3 minute fix. If you really hate this or find it hard to remember, keep cleansing face wipes on the bedside with lavender or aloe for added...

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